Shanghai lalas:female tongzhi communities and politics in urban China

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作者:Lucetta ; Yip ; Lo ; Kam

出版社:Hong Kong University Press


出版地:Hong Kong


ISBN:978-988-8139-45-3 ; 978-988-8139-46-0

This is the first ethnographic study of lala (lesbian, bisexual, and transgender) communities and politics in China, focusing on the city of Shanghai. Based on several years of in-depth interviews, the volume concentrates on lalas' everyday struggle to reconcile same-sex desire with a dominant rhetoric of family harmony and compulsory marriage, all within a culture denying women’s active and legitimate sexual agency. Lucetta Yip Lo Kam reads discourses on homophobia in China, including the rhetoric of 'Chinese tolerance' and considers the heteronormative demands imposed on tongzhi subjects. She treats 'the politics of public correctness' as a newly emerging tongzhi practice developed from the culturally specific, Chinese forms of regulation that inform tongzhi survival strategies and self-identification.
Alternating between Kam's own queer biography and her extensive ethnographic findings, this text offers a contemporary portrait of female tongzhi communities and politics in urban China, making an invaluable contribution to global discussions and international debates on same-sex intimacies, homophobia, coming-out politics, and sexual governance.

Lucetta Yip Lo Kam is an assistant professor in the Department of Humanities and Creative Writing at Hong Kong Baptist University. She is the editor and illustrator of Lunar Desires: Her First Same-Sex Love in Her Own Words (in Chinese, a collection of 26 self-narratives of women from Hong Kong, Macau and the overseas, 2001).

  • Acknowledgements(第11页)
  • Introduction: Reconnecting Selves and Communities(第13页)
  • 1. Lala Communities in the Shaping(第31页)
  • 2. Public Discussions(第51页)
  • 3. Private Dilemma(第71页)
  • 4. Negotiating the Public and the Private(第85页)
  • 5. A Smile on the Surface: The Politics of Public Correctness(第101页)
  • Conclusion: Seeing Diversity Among Us(第117页)
  • Profiles of Key Informants(第125页)
  • Notes(第129页)
  • Bibliography(第141页)
  • Index(第151页)